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Wireless Networking Awards, Clippings, and Reviews


ITP Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice: US Robotics Wireless Ndx Access Point: USR5454

“... this wireless set-up managed to rip through our 238Mbyte file transfer in 15 seconds flat, a full 12 seconds faster than our Netgear 802.11g-based network managed. Fantastic stuff.” – March, 2008 (ME)

PC World Best of IT: Routers: USR9108

“For something as important today as the quality of our web connection, we have to own the appropriate equipment. Do not judge the USR9108 by its exterior because it hides an excellent router with quality features that will satisfy the typical home user as well as the advanced user or even a professional one. Wireless connectivity and print server features offer endless possibilities and it is sure that USR9108 will exploit your available bandwidth till the last 'drop'."
PC World Best of IT – March, 2007 (GR)


Editors' Choice Award: USR5461

"The USRobotics Wireless MaxG Router (model 5461) showed us that even 20 minutes was too long to spend setting up a wireless network." - LAPTOP Magazine January 2007

PC Home

PCHome Editor's Choice Award: USR5461

USRobotics MAXg Wireless Router USR805461 "Tune in your wireless" Review"Robot Dream" "And the Winner is..."

"All these products are suitable for setting up wireless networking in a home or small office. Not all are as suitable if you want to be able to browse and swap files from the end of the garden, though. Speed and coverage are key, here, with ease of use a close third. We'd recomend US Robotics kit for out and out performance, feature set and easy setup..."

Best WiFi Device: MAXg Wireless Products

Windows Middle East Magazine - Windows Awards a roaring success

Mobi Editors Choice

Editor's choice Award: USR9108a Wireless MAXg ADSL Gateway

Mobi – 2006 (RU)

Best Buy Award: USR5461

Features - 5 out of 5 stars
"The MAXg router from USRobotics is easy to set up, compact and very fast. Excellent if you need to share cable broadband"
Computer Buyer (UK) - October 2005


Editors' Choice Award: USR5411, USR5461

"High-Speed, Long Range, Low Price. USRobotics' MAXg router and card combo offers good performance and security at a very affordable price. USRobotics has forged new ground with its Wireless MAXg USR5461 Router and matching USR5411 PC Card. " - LAPTOP Magazine May 2005

Editor's Choice

Editors' Choice Award: USR5430

"I was amazed at the range.... I would definitely recommend it" - Computer Times 


Editors' Choice Award: USR8054

Tech Edge

"It was hands-down the best all-around Wireless Router and PC Card in our tests of major brand devices using the most popular 802.11g chipsets." -Tech-edge E-zine


WirelessComputer Trade Shopper Supplier Excellence Awards 2003
Best networking Manufacturer Winner

Maximum PC Kick Ass Product

10/11/2005 Industry Heavyweights Join for Wireless Consortium Extreme Tech (US) Shop, surf or send: wireless home networks deliver the Internet USRobotics begins shipping 100 Mbps Wireless Turbo line USR 11g to hit Wal-Mart shelves Wireless News: USR 11g to hit Wal-Mart shelves Illinois Institute of Technology Goes Wireless with USRobotics
eChannelLine Daily News USRobotics begins shipping 100 Mbps Wireless Turbo line How Fast are USRobotics New 802.11g Products? USRobotics Accelerates 802.11g Wireless USR Unveils 100-Mbits/s 802.11g Devices SuperComm hosts series of wireless announcements USRobotics Promises 100-Mbps Throughput With 802.11g Products USRobotics - Wireless Performance Upgrade USRobotics – Just Bring It



100 Mbps Wireless Turbo

USR8054 802.11g Wireless Turbo Access Router
"If you're looking for a fast easy-to-use router, you've found it." 

USR8054 802.11g Wireless Turbo Access Router
"The USR8054 is the fastest 802.11g device we've tested to date" 

USR5450 802.11g Wireless Turbo Multi-Function Access Point
"Therefore, if you're starting a WLAN from scratch and plan to stick with TI-based hardware, or if you want to gradually upgrade to 802.11g technology but still have a large installed base of TI-based 802.11b+ clients that you want to take full advantage of, then the USRobotics 5450 is clearly a good choice." 

USR5450 802.11g Wireless Turbo Multi-Function Access Point
"There's a lot to like about the 5450..." 

USR5410 802.11g Wireless Turbo PC Card
"The USRobotics 802.11g wireless turbo PC Card (USR5410) outpaces the competition, especially when connected with its counterpart, the USR8054 802.11g wireless turbo router."