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3.31.2016 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® WebSphere® Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit from IBM Corp.
2.18.2016 :: UNICOM® Global Announces the CEO/CIO Symposium and TeamBLUE™ User Group Meetings 2016
1.31.2016 :: UNICOM Global CEO Corry Hong Interviewed in Enterprise Executive Magazine
12.31.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Rational® System Architect from IBM Corp.
12.15.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Buys Washington Technology Park I & II

Submit your New Products to USR

Partner with USR to get your products into the marketplace and reaching your targeted customers

USRobotics Corporation is an internationally recognized consumer and industrial products organization. We are currently seeking new and innovative products to add to our portfolio of global product offerings.. USRobotics has launched a corporate wide initiative to source, co-develop, market and distribute new consumer and business electronics products through our extensive global distribution network. Bring your products or ideas to USRobotics and together we will set them in motion as we navigate through the complex world of global distribution and sales. Leverage the USRobotics brand to compliment the quality of your products. Work with seasoned professionals to bring your products to market faster, cheaper and with a brand that consumers know and trust.

We invite you to submit your product for consideration by sending an email with the requested information to the email

New Product Required Information

Submit Your Product (photo and data sheet required)

New Product Submission Terms

If the following conditions are acceptable, please proceed with emailing USRobotics the information requested below:

  • Confidentiality. You are voluntarily submitting information about your new product.
  • Compensation. USRobotics has no obligation to enter into any business arrangement with you or to compensate you or return any information, product samples or other material that you submit to USRobotics.
  • Export control You acknowledge that consideration of your product will be dependent on compliance with the US regulations governing import and export of the product.

Please email with the following information in order for your product to be reviewed by the USRobotics’ new product team:

  • Tell us about your company your organization and how we may contact you
  • Describe your Product(s) in terms of Technical Specifications and Features & Benefits including your product brochure
  • Describe current markets served and define your goals for reaching new markets/customers
  • Current Pricing and Suggested Retail Price

We will review your submission on a timely basis and will be in contact with you. (Typically within 4-6 weeks). USRobotics is a privately held company.