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Latest News
3.4.2015 :: 3G Cellular Gateway for M2M Remote Site Management
2.3.2015 :: USRobotics® Launches New Cost-Effective Ethernet Aggregation Tap
1.1.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Rational® Focal Point and Rational® PurifyPlus Solutions from IBM® Corp.
11.3.2014 :: Option Announces Private Label Agreement With USRobotics®
8.31.2014 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires Cognos® Finance Business Analytics Software from IBM® Corp.

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3453b-menu.jpgCourier Business Products

The Courier 56K Business Modem remains the gold standard among modems for its world-class performance, reliability, and features. It is used by large corporations and small businesses, market research firms and insurance companies, restaurant chains and retailers. Learn more...

newdial.gifAll About Dial-up

Find out about V.92, how modems work, and the difference between controller-based and controllerless modems so you can choose the one that's right for you. Get started...

icon_peripherals_off.gifAll About USB 3.0

Learn all about USB 3.0 and how it compares to USB 2.0. Get started...

newnet.gifAll About Networking

If you have more than one computer, you can set up a small network to get them connected. Wired or Wireless? How do you set it up? What do you need? Which 802.11 should you use? Find out, and you'll be connected in no time. Get started...