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Latest News
3.31.2014 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires Assets of Memeo, Inc.
1.28.2014 :: USRobotics® Launches USR3500 Courier™ M2M 3G Cellular Modem
12.31.2013 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires the Cognos® Application Development Tools suite from IBM® Corp.
6.7.2013 :: UNICOM® Systems acquires U.S. Robotics from Platinum Equity
6.28.2013 :: A Letter to Customers and Partners

USR_Bug.jpgProduct News

USRobotics, a Divison of UNICOM® Global, is synonymous with reliable, easy to use, high-performance dial-up modems for businesses of all sizes. Those key characteristics continue to be infused into USRobotics' expanding line of business class dialup modems for applications like POS (Point of Sale), remote management, and dial-back features. And now USRobotics introduces the latest addition - a combined console server and power distribution unit for remote reboot and console management.

Secure connections and transfer of information is important to businesses all around the world, and USR continues to offer rock solid secure products like a whole new line of network taps including 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Copper TapsFiber Taps and 10/100 Aggregating Taps.

Our current product lines include: 56K internal modems56K external modems56K modem accessories; telephony accessories including a powerful line sharing deviceUSB 3.0 Adapters, Hubs, and Cables and USB 3.0 Card ReadersNetwork Attached Storage Mini NAS, and Tablet Accessories including bluetooth keyboards, stands and folios.



USR_Bug.jpgSupport Upgrades

USR4204 USR4204 Console Server & Power Hybrid Overview and CLI Demo Video

USR8402 USB 3.0 PCIe Installation Video

Windows Compatibility Information: Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2012/2011/2008, 64 bit and older

Attaching a USR Modem to the Console Port of a Cisco Router

Latest drivers, firmware, utilities
USR5637 56K USB Faxmodem Voice Firmware & Drivers
USR3453C Courier External 56K Modem Firmware Version 2.3.33
USR5686G 56K External Faxmodem Firmware Version 5.2.0
USR5637 56K USB Faxmodem Mac OSX Mountin Lion Ready

Attention to all customers expecting responses from the support technicians: If a response is overdue please make sure to check the spam filter or junk mail folders. It is also beneficial to add as an approved mail server.

Upgrades to V.92

Product Registration

Latest News

UNICOM® Global Acquires Assets of Memeo, Inc.

UNICOM® Global Acquires Assets of Memeo, Inc.


USRobotics® Launches USR3500 Courier™ M2M 3G Cellular Modem

USRobotics® Launches USR3500 Courier™ M2M 3G Cellular Modem