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U.S. Robotics Provides New ADSL2+ Solutions for Wired and Wireless Networking


Chicago (June 6, 2005)– Continuing the company’s commitment to powerful, yet easy to use, broadband networking solutions, U.S. Robotics will debut two new ADSL solutions at the annual SuperComm Show in Chicago this week. The new products present DSL users with both wired and wireless ADSL2+ networking options, and include an ADSL Ethernet Router and a Wireless MAXg ADSL Gateway.

“U.S. Robotics continues to deliver value in integrated networking solutions recognizing that performance and simplicity are critical in serving consumer and small business markets,” says Jim Thomsen, senior product manager. “These products allow subscribers to easily enhance their networks with the latest technology and fastest speeds, for secure, blazing-fast broadband networking.”

U.S. Robotics’ ADSL Ethernet Router (USR9107)integrates the latest ADSL2+ technology with the key features needed for a complete home or small business broadband network. Supporting existing ADSL standards, as well as ADSL2+, users can take advantage of speeds up to 25 Mbps* with the ADSL Ethernet Router. With a powerful Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall for excellent network security, integrated ADSL modem, 4-port Ethernet switch, and USB print server, this router is the only device needed for easy, high-performance networking in the home or small office.

The USR9107 also supports high quality video over DSL and ATM QoS support, as well as Web-based remote configuration and management. In addition to the SPI firewall, the USR9107 provides support for VPN pass-through (PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP), MAC Address filtering, and Denial of Service. The router meets or exceeds key industry standards for performance and compatibility, and supports TR-48, UR-2, and other performance standards for DSLAM interoperability.

U.S. Robotics’ Wireless MAXg ADSL Gateway (USR9108)combines the latest ADSL2+ technology with the company’s exclusive MAXg wireless technology to offer a complete home or small business wireless broadband networking solution. Designed to take the place of existing wireless gateway products, the USR9108 is the latest addition to the U.S. Robotics’ MAXg product family, which delivers up to 50 percent improvement in signal range and 125 Mbps wireless performance†. The USR9108 is actually five products in one – an ADSL2+ modem for speeds up to 25 Mbps*, wireless MAXg access point, 4-port router, firewall, and USB print server – making it the only device needed for confident, flexible, high performance wireless broadband networking in the home or small office.

With a full complement of security features included, the USR9108 provides users with an SPI firewall and supports Denial of Service, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)/802.11i and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), 802.1x Authentication, 64/128- bit WEP encryption, SSID broadcast disable, VPN pass-through (PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP), password protected configuration access, and DMZ and virtual server support. The USR9108 is also upgradable to include VPN termination. The USR9108 is fully compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g devices, as well as other accelerated technologies.

Both new U.S. Robotics ADSL products will be available this summer. MSRP for the USR9107 is $99.99, and for the USR9108 is $139.99.

*ADSL speeds depend on telephone company service offering and distance from telephone company central office.
†Actual wireless speeds depend on operating environment and distance between networked devices.

About U.S. Robotics

For three decades, U.S. Robotics has been a leader in network access, delivering the highest quality and most innovative products available. Without losing its focus on the analog modems that made the company a household name, U.S. Robotics is rapidly expanding its category leadership by offering high-speed, broadband modems; wired and wireless networking solutions; and Internet security devices to the growing home, home office, and small- to medium-sized business markets. U.S. Robotics is privately held and headquartered in the Chicago area. For further information, please visit the Web site at

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