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USRobotics Adds Ethernet Bridge and Range Extender to Wireless MAXg Product Family


Chicago (October 10, 2005)USRobotics, a leader in network access, announced the extension of its Wireless MAXg product family today. Products new to the company’s award winning lineup include the Wireless MAXg Ethernet Bridge and the Wireless MAXg Range Extender.

“Our customers need to be able to connect all of their devices in order to make full use of their computer networks and equipment,” says Jim Thomsen, senior product manager for USRobotics. “The Ethernet bridge allows wired connections into an existing wireless network ensuring device connectivity, while the range extender can double the distance from which laptops and other clients can connect to the network.”

The Wireless MAXg Ethernet Bridge (USR5432) can be used to wirelessly connect two Local Area Networks to share resources. It also turns any device with an Ethernet port into a wireless device. It eliminates the need to run additional cabling and provides increased flexibility for networked equipment.

The Wireless MAXg Range Extender (USR5441) can be deployed at the far reaches of an existing wireless network to extend range, without the need to run lengths of cable. It can provide up to double the network’s coverage area by boosting the MAXg access point’s wireless signal.

The Wireless MAXg product family is the first to combine the industry’s latest 802.11g performance and range enhancements. Designed to provide performance comparable to pre-N and MIMO products for the price of standard 802.11g products, MAXg products also offer higher levels of security and greater flexibility than non-standards-compliant pre-N or MIMO products.

With WPA and WPA2 (802.11i)* security included, customers can be certain that their wireless network is secure. The upgradable antenna and new WDS compatible bridge and range extender products allow the MAXg product family to be configured to deliver even longer range and to cope better with difficult environments than pre-N or MIMO products.

Devices in the MAXg product family include:

  • Wireless MAXg Router (USR5461) - MSRP $69.99
  • Wireless MAXg PC Card (USR5411) - MSRP $49.99
  • Wireless MAXg USB Adapter (USR5421) - MSRP $49.99
  • Wireless MAXg PCI Adapter (USR5417) - MSRP $49.99
  • Wireless MAXg Access Point (USR5451) - MSRP $79.99
  • Wireless MAXg Ethernet Bridge (USR5432) - MSRP $79.99
  • Wireless MAXg Range Extender (USR5441) - MSRP $89.99
  • Wireless MAXg ADSL Gateway (USR9108) - MSRP $129.99

*WPA2 security is supported in client mode of the Wireless MAXg Ethernet Bridge only.

About USRobotics

For three decades, USRobotics has been a leader in Internet access and networking known for quality, innovation, and performance. Without losing its focus on the analog modems that made the company a household name, USRobotics is rapidly expanding its category leadership by offering high-speed, broadband modems; wired and wireless networking solutions; and Internet security devices to the growing home, home office, and small- to medium-sized business markets. USRobotics is privately held and headquartered in the Chicago area. For further information, please visit the Web site at

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