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USRobotics Introduces New Controller-Based 56K USB Modem for Consumer and Business Use


USRobotics 56K USB Modem (Model 5637)

Chicago (April 1, 2008) – USRobotics, a Platinum Equity company and a leading provider of Internet access and networking products, is making dial-up data connections more accessible and reliable across the globe with the introduction of its newest USB modem. The USRobotics 56K USB Modem (Model 5637) is designed for consumer and mobile business applications and available via retail and online electronics distribution sources. The new modem provides the ideal combination of speed and simplicity, as well as broad compatibility with operating systems such as Macintosh, Linux, and Windows.

“We’ve become a wireless society in a lot of ways, but the truth is that 35 percent of U.S. Internet users alone still rely on dial-up for either their primary or secondary Internet connection,” explained Bruce Swail, CEO at USRobotics. “This new modem can easily be used in the home or on the road – really from down the street to across the world. It’s great for the home user without broadband access, those who desire the additional back-up security of dial-up, or those in a location, such as a hotel, where an Internet connection isn’t available.” Swail added, “The modem also offers a convenient way to send and receive faxes from a computer, rather than using a dedicated fax machine.”

High Tech…Easy to Use

The 56K controller-based USB modem integrates robust communications processing functions so it doesn’t sap existing computer power or require another external power supply. This allows for more consistent and predictable performance, as well compatibility with multiple operating systems.

According to Daryle Brown, senior market manager for USRobotics, “Bottom line -- building the processing functionality into the modem simplifies interoperability. This makes it a viable alternative for not only typical Internet connectivity, but other business connectivity needs, too, like out-of-band connections to networking and telecom equipment for remote management and diagnostics. It can even be used with point-of-sale processing devices like credit card or lottery ticket systems,” he added.

The 5637 model has upgradable firmware so that the latest modem advancements can be easily incorporated. The USB Plug-and-Play modem installs/uninstalls automatically for added convenience. Its “Quick Connect” feature reduces connection time to get users online faster, while V.92 with V.PCM Upstream provides 50 percent greater upload speeds -- ideal when sending large attachments and high resolution photos. The new modem also supports the USRobotics “Modem on Hold” application so incoming calls can be screened or answered while online without the need for a second phone line. And, since the .26-pound design is smaller and lighter than an average cell phone, it easily fits in a laptop case or pocket for portability.

Pricing and Availability

The new USRobotics 56K USB Modem (model 5637) is currently available in the U.S. for an MSRP of $49.99. It can be purchased through nationwide retail chains and online distribution partners. The new modem comes standard with a two-year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. For additional information, please call (877) 710-0884 or go to

About USRobotics

USRobotics is a Platinum Equity company. For over three decades, the company has been a leader in Internet access and networking, helping millions of people connect to the Internet with powerful, innovative products. The company continues to transform the latest technologies into reliable and easy-to-use high performance products, including high-speed, broadband modems; wired and wireless networking solutions; and Internet security devices; for the growing home, home office, and small- to medium-sized business markets. The company is dedicated to keeping people connected worldwide – to information, entertainment, and each other. USRobotics is privately held and headquartered in the Chicago area. For further information, please visit the Web site at

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