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Chipset numbers: Finding your USRobotics Model Number

The number you have found may be a chipset number and not the actual model number. Many products have USRobotics Model (Product) Numbers or Codes. However, the Windows friendly name may show a number different from the USRobotics model (product) number. Follow the steps below to identify your product model number.

  • Find your chipset number from the list below.
  • Determine which USRobotics product code is your actual product. Look for a code on your product that may resemble one that is listed. Our Support 101 will help you determine which code is yours. Note: The list may not include all possible product codes.
  • Get Support for your product. At the Support Main Menu page, select your correct product code or, if you have an OEM product, go to the OEM drivers page.

     If you need to call for support, you will need your four-digit USRobotics Model Number. The chipset number you have found will not work. For more information, refer to the Support 101 page to determine your model number.

The chart below consists of known chipset numbers and known products associated with the chipset, but the list is NOT all inclusive. You need to determine exactly which product you have before installing new drivers.

Chipset number*Possible* USRobotics Product Codes
1806 005699-00
1807 (AD1807JS) USR5699B
USR90-12 USR803098-OEM
USR90-11 USR263094-OEM
USR91-11 USR5660A