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USR8550 USRobotics Ethernet ADSL Modem

Manuals and other Documents

OS Compatibility


2012 R2







Vista 64

XP 64





98 SE

98 FE





Drivers and Firmware
Windows 98, Me, and 2000 driver update
Note: In order to prevent your browser from trying to open these files, right-click on the file and select Save Target As... to download.

  1. Configure the TCP/IP Settings of your Network Interface Card (NIC) to use a Static IP address of and as the subnet mask.

    Note:  Your modem is defaulted to an IP Address of If the modem is not set to an IP address with the 192.168.1.xx subnet or a valid route does not exist between the modem and your computer, the download will fail to complete. To confirm that your modem is set to, refer to the USR8550 User Guide for further instructions on configuring the modem.

  2. Connect a straight through Ethernet cable (RJ-45) from the modems Ethernet port to the computer's NIC Ethernet port.
  3. Click and download the file to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive and unzip it.
  4. Double-click TftpUtil.exe.
  5. Type 12345 in the Password field. If you or your ISP have changed the modems password, use that password instead of 12345.
  6. Type in the IP Address field.
  7. Select Image/Pack File.
  8. Point the Image/Pack File to the directory where you extracted the zip files on your computer's hard disk drive. Select T60M10411_13_R3.1.0.pack.
  9. Click Download.
  10. You will be prompted to restart your modem. Once your modem has restarted, your firmware upgrade is complete.
Note: In addition to the T60M10411_13_R3.1.0.pack file, the zip file below includes T60M10411_13_R3.1.0_full.pack, used for upgrading your modem (this will replace current settings with default settings) and T60M10411_13_R3.1.0.bin (used with HyperTerminal for recovering from a crashed flash image; refer to the Recovering from a Crashed Flash Image under the Configuration Guide section of the User Guide located at the top of this page). To use either file, simply follow the instructions above with the corresponding file(s).
T60M10411_13_R3.1.0_USR.zip2.41 MB 11-14-02
8550-Release-Notes.doc524 KB 08-28-02