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Latest News
4.15.2015 :: NIH Awards UNICOM Government $20b CIO-CS Contract
3.26.2015 :: UNICOM Government Wins NASA SEWP V Contract
3.4.2015 :: 3G Cellular Gateway for M2M Remote Site Management
2.3.2015 :: USRobotics® Launches New Cost-Effective Ethernet Aggregation Tap
1.1.2015 :: UNICOM® Global Acquires IBM® Rational® Focal Point and Rational® PurifyPlus Solutions from IBM® Corp.

V.92 Modem Qualifier

Want to see if your modem is upgradable? Use the drop-down boxes below to find your modem's product ID.

Modems with upgrade available

Don't know your product ID?
Download and run the latest version of the Modem Identification Wizard to find out. Click on the details button to find your modem's product ID. After you've found your modem, check the pulldown to see if it is listed.

I do not have one of the above listed modems.
Your product will not be eligible for upgrade to the new V.92 technology. Click here to see one of our V.92-ready modems.