USR® Courier® modems simply deliver the best analog connections – fast, stable, reliable and secure – over phone lines of varying quality the world over. For global needs, regulatory approvals and support are now in place for more than 45 countries.

The kits below have necessary components to work in the corresponding countries when used in conjunction with the North America Courier Lite 56K V.92 Business Modem. Power supply replacements require additional actions for importing or exporting. This list was last updated on March 30, 2020†.

Europe, Middle East, and AfricaISO Two-digit codePart Number + Accessory KitApproval Status
Austria AT USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACCUSR243453A-ACC* Approved
Belgium BE USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Bulgaria BG USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC Approved
Croatia HR USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Cyprus CY USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR013453A-ACC Approved
Czech Republic CZ USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Denmark DK USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Estonia EE USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC Approved
Finland FI USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
France FR USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Approved
Germany DE USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Approved
Gibraltar GI USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR013453A-ACC Supported
Greece GR USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC Approved
Hungary HU USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Iceland IS USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Ireland IE USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR013453A-ACC Approved
Italy IT USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Approved
Latvia LV USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC Approved
Liechtenstein LI USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC* Approved
Lithuania LT USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Luxembourg LU USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC Approved
Malta MT USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR013453A-ACC Approved
Monaco MC USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Supported
Netherlands NL USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Norway NO USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Poland PL USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Portugal PT USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Romania RO USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Slovak Republic SK USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Slovenia SI USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
Spain ES USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC Approved
Sweden SE USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC* Approved
Switzerland CH USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC* Approved
UK GB USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR013453A-ACC Approved
Asia/Pac RimISO Two-digit codePart Number + Accessory KitApproval Status
American Samoa AS USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACCUSR043453A-ACC* Supported
Guam GU USR5686G-PRO Supported
North AmericaISO Two-digit codePart Number + Accessory KitApproval Status
Canada CA USR5686G-PRO Approved
US US USR5686G-PRO Approved
Virgin Islands, British VG USR5686G-PRO Supported
Virgin Islands, U.S. VI USR5686G-PRO Supported
Latin AmericaISO Two-digit codePart Number + Accessory KitApproval Status
Anguilla AI USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR013453A-ACC Supported
Ecuador EC USR5686G-PRO Supported
French Guyana GF USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Supported
Guadeloupe GP USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Supported
Guatemala GT USR5686G-PRO Supported
Martinique MQ USR5686G-PRO + USR3453C-ACC + USR243453A-ACC Supported
Mexico MX USR5686G-PRO** Supported
Panama PA USR5686G-PRO Supported
Puerto Rico PR USR5686G-PRO Supported

*Additional adaptors may be required depending on local installation requirements

** USR5686G-PRO modem and phone accessories may be shipped to Mexico if removed from original packaging. The power supply must be replaced with a compatible power supply and corresponding accessories such as blades.

‡ When using the USR3453C-ACC as a replacement for the original power supply, the modem and any other accessories must be removed from the USR packaging and may be combined in a single shipping box for import or export. Do not include the original power supply and modem packaging in the shipping box. Each item must be declared individually on the customs form.


The term "Approved" is used for places that require regulatory approval, and USR is holding a valid certificate of compliance (issued by a certified test lab) for that regulation. The term "Supported" is used for 1) Places that do not require regulatory approval, or 2) Places that do require regulatory approval and accept (without further fees or filings) one of the certificates of compliance that USR is holding.

Although the USR Courier Lite Business Modem will work in almost every country, it does not have formal regulatory approvals for every nation and the USR5686G-PRO carries different approvals from the USR845686G-PRO. For the USR845668G-PRO, see the EMEA country approvals guide. For questions regarding a country not on this list or if you have questions regarding placing an order for an Accessory Kit: contact Kim Mason at (847) 874-2370 for more information.


Product approval and status may change at any time. 

†Change Log

03.30.2020 Definitions for "Approved" and "Supported" added.
02.18.2020 Power supply import/export information added. 
11.18.19 Added Mexico support information
11.14.19 Added IEC Accessory Kit
08.14.19 Original