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Connectivity Specialists.

Secure connections and reliable data transfer are important to businesses all around the world, and USR continues to offer rock solid secure products that are reliable, easy to use, and high-performance for businesses of all sizes.

USR specializes in connectivity hardware for applications including POS (Point of Sale), remote management/monitoring, out-of-band backup connections, and cellular replacements for legacy dial-up remote monitoring and IoT application hardware looking to go wireless.

Our current product lines include: 3G and 4G M2M Cellular Modems and Gateways, Copper and Fiber Network TAPs, 56K internal modems; 56K external modems; 56K modem accessories.

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Cellular connections designed for M2M and IoT applications. 4G LTE Cat 1 gateways with native serial and Ethernet. Combined GSM and CDMA 3G gateways with serial and ethernet support designed for easy implementation.  Product engineers on hand to help with analog to cellular transitions.

  •  Easily transition from Analog to Cellular
  •  2G to 3G or 4G for every application
  •  Low data volume specialists
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Monitoring access products designed to increase network visibility and maximize existing network tools such as analyzers, probes, and intrusion detection devices. Improve network security and eliminate points of failure on the network.

  •  Capture all traffic and deliver a copy to any tool for analysis
  •  Send Aggregated Data to Two Single Interface Cards
  •  Monitor Heavy Network Traffic
  •  Portable USB options for simple and quick aggregated monitoring


Dial-up connections are still a secure, reliable solution for small data transfers, traditional M2M and IoT, and as secondary/tertiary access for troubleshooting and remote management.

  •  Secure financial data for sales kiosks and Point of Sale terminals
  •  Diagnose and repair problems from a central IT department at a branch or office
  •  Out-of-band management for redundancy and connectivity in the event of LAN/WAN system failure



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