USR® cellular modems and gateways include the features and reliable connections you need for doing highly secure business transactions including Point of Sale (POS), Vending, Out of Band (OOB), Data Capture, Remote Management and Fleet Management.

USR cellular modems are one of the only cellular terminals or modems that has powerful embedded software built in that reduces development time — meaning faster time to market and lower TCO for customers. The USR Cellular Gateways provide flexible carrier provisioning with both CDMA and GSM support in addition to the Ethernet functionality and embedded serial interface. All of the USR Cellular products offer persistent connectivity for always on connections.

USR's latest addition of the Courier® Modemulator™ Expansion Card provides even greater flexibility for applications that require a mixed network of both dial-up and cellular connections. The Modemulator Card converts the Cellular Gateway to a drop in dial-up modem replacement that allows for the simplest and easiest method to transition to cellular on any time table.

M2M Applications are endless and USR'S helpful team of engineers are prepared to help you through the process - from finding the right cellular service partner and activating SIMs to figuring out if you can transition legacy analog systems to cellular. For detailed information on peer-to-peer cellular connections check out the Understanding Cellular Networks White Paper.