Provide global connectivity hardware

 Facilitate M2M and IoT applications

 Provide Out-of-Band access for broadband and server backup


 World’s leader in dial-up modem technology

 Trusted Internet access hardware provider for almost 4 decades

 Provider of products and service that are simple, reliable, and secure


 Small/Medium Business to Enterprise companies, Telco and Utility industries

 Point of Sale hardware providers

 Remote management, maintenance and logistics technicians

For more than three decades, USR has been a leader in developing and transforming emerging technologies into reliable, easy-to-use, high-performance Internet access products for homes, home offices, and small- and medium-sized businesses. We help millions of people keep connected worldwide – to information, entertainment, and each other.

Founded in classic hi-tech start-up fashion in an Illinois garage in 1976, USRobotics was named after “the greatest company in the known galaxy” – U.S. Robot and Mechanical Men – from the science fiction classic I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. Early modem designs by founders Casey Cowell, Steve Muka, and Paul Collard produced the USR310, USR330, and the Phone Link 300 – acoustic couplers that transmitted analog signals at 300 baud, a painfully slow transmit speed compared to our 56K products of today. From these entrepreneurial beginnings, the company quickly emerged as the world’s leader in dial-up modem technology and has been at the forefront of that technology throughout its history.

While the company has maintained its focus on the analog modems that made the company a household name, USR has added powerful, versatile new products to simplify the often complex tasks of accessing, moving, and storing data.