There are some connectivity products that are so common, we take them for granted. The modem is one of those tools. Due to its usefulness and widespread presence, the modem is thought of as a commodity that many see as easily disposable. So why should you be concerned with finding the best possible modem when you can go online and purchase one for the price of a family dinner?

The answer lies in how you plan to use that modem. For business users who depend on the modem to make mission-critical connections, a cheap, disposable modem will simply not suffice. A full-featured, reliable modem is necessary to fulfill mission-critical needs. The USR® Courier Lite modem is that modem.


When failure is not an option, the world-class capabilities of the USR Courier Lite modem provide the best analog connections – faster, consistent, reliable, and secure – over phone lines of varying quality the world over.

The Courier Lite’s performance is superior to the competition, not only with the fastest connection speeds, but with data throughput as well. Other modems may achieve a high connect speed, but their data throughput rates don’t measure up to those of the Courier Lite.

The feature set available in Courier Lite modems is unique to USR. No other modem provides the same combination of features and security, including:


The feature set available in Courier modems is unique to USR – no other modem provides the same combination of features and security.



Courier modems are known around the world for their performance, reliability, ease of use and flexibility.

The Courier Lite modems are designed to work in countries throughout the world and are approved for use in more than 45 countries.

The Courier Lite has two versions available using two different power supplies: US/Canada and EU/UK.

Recommended versions and accessory kits (power cable or clip, phone plug adaptor) are also available for countries listed here.



Dial security features mean only users with the proper security passwords will be allowed to communicate with the Courier. Advanced dial back security offers two factor authentication where an outside line dials into the Courier, authentication is received, and the Courier then dials a pre-programmed number to ensure the secure transmission of data to that outside line. Dial back security ensures secure delivery of data, even if passwords are compromised.

For example, if a bank wants to obtain customer account information from an individual branch for processing, the Courier at home office dials out to the branch and provides authentication data. The Courier with dial back security enabled receives the authentication information, severs the connection with the home office, dials the pre-programmed number for the home office, and establishes a secure connection for sending customer data. This ensures data is not obtained by an outsider dialing into the branch network. The branch’s modem is only authorized to call and give the data to the home office, providing an additional level of security for bank customers.



USR’s Advanced Line Probing technology finds the “potholes” in the path between the modem and the data’s destination and works with equipment on the other end to avoid those obstacles to ensure that data is sent at the fastest speed possible. In addition, many 56K modems “shift down” to lower connect speeds when operating on troublesome lines, whereas the Courier is the only modem to “shift up” at the first available opportunity to always provide the fastest connection possible.

Line probing technology makes the Courier ideal for point of sale transactions to ensure customers are not kept waiting while payment or purchase data is transmitted.



External DIP switches allows the Courier to be configured without being accessed via a terminal. On the bottom of the modem are handy instructions for the DIP switch settings.



Carrier loss redial technology creates an always-on connection between two modems, allowing for the establishment of a continuous connection. A continuous connection is key when sending sales reports, pricing information, or inventory data. Interruptions in this data may mean an inactive sales force, incorrect pricing information for your sales force, or even lost sales. Modems can go offline for a variety of reasons, but if this data is transmitting in the middle of the night, you may not know of the modem’s status until the next morning, meaning you must address the lack of data before you can start the day.

With USR’s carrier loss redial feature, your modem will automatically try to connect until a connection is made, so data is sent overnight instead of when you arrive in the morning.



The Courier modem supports all modulations and protocols, all computers and hardware, and is approved for use in more than 45 countries.

  • Data: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.34+, V.32bis, V.32, V.23, V.22bis, V.22, and V.21
  • V.42/MNP 2-4 error correction, V.44 & V.42 bis/MNP 5 compression
  • V.24 Asynchronous serial port interface
  • Fax: V.17, V29, V.27ter, V.21; EIA 578 (Class 1) and EIA 592 (Class 2.0), Group III
  • Compatible with all computers and hardware including special computers such as AS/400, cash points, and routers
  • Workstations running DOS, Windows (all versions), Unix, and Linux
  • FCC, UL and CE certifications



USR’s family of Courier modems are one of the few with advanced remote management features, providing the ability to diagnose and repair problems from a central IT department. The Courier allows IT staff at a central office to access the modem in an individual branch or office to troubleshoot, make settings changes, or reconfigure the modem completely. The ability to manage remotely saves companies time and money that would otherwise be spent sending an IT staff member to each office to make changes and troubleshoot.

With remote management features, your technicians will never need to sit on the phone with a store manager or sales person walking them through troubleshooting or repairs of the Courier.

Additional optional remote configuration security feature requires a separate password to allow only authorized users access for configuration.  



USR’s Courier modems are ideal for applications where out-of-band management is desired. Providing a level of redundancy and connectivity in the event of a LAN and WAN system failure, the Courier modem allows technicians to bypass the failed systems and use a telephone link to reach network infrastructure to diagnose and repair the failure. The security features of the Courier also prevent intrusion into a failed network by outsiders.



Non-volatile on-board memory ensures saved settings and configuration are recalled after a power cycle, reset or brown-out. 



Courier Lite has a 2-year Limited Warranty. 

USR's engineers have decades of experience with dial-up modems and analog connections. Our modem experts are available for advice and guidance on modem applications.