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We've built our reputation for excellence by developing fast, dependable, easy-to-use analog modems that helped connect a generation. Now we're helping your business connect more — more quickly for POS transactions, more conveniently with multiple form factors, and more reliably with high quality secure products including Cellular 3G GSM Modems, Gateways and Emulators. The Courier line of analog modemsCellular Solutions and Remote Management products make sure mission critical businesses always have Out-of-Band and remote monitoring or access — no matter the location.

For multiple device dial-up users we now offer the USR Call Director and USR Call Director Pro, telephone line switches allowing telephones, modems, fax machines, and POS terminals to share one line, resulting in major cost savings. Check out our latest products — the all new Network Taps for both Copper Networks and Fiber Networks - in addition to Aggregating models. For anyone with tech devices USR also offers Tablet Accessories for hands free video watching. For those with the need for speed USR also offers USB 3.0 Super Speed Hub and Adapters, for blazing fast USB transfer speeds — saving you time by transferring files up to 10 times faster.

region_icon-trans.gifNOTE: Products vary by region, all products listed within this site are intended for use in the United States. To find products outside the US visit our Europe/Middle EastAsia Pacific Rim, or Latin American sites.