USR devotes significant time and effort to assure our products are compatible with various Microsoft operating systems. USR supports the following products with Server 2008 (32 bit and 64 bit) and Small Business Server 2011:

In-BuiltProduct will install using operating system's built in driver. Compatibility does not include additional software bundled with the product.
DownloadProduct will install using files (drivers) available for download from the USRobotics website or CD. Click on the Product Code to go to the support page to download.
All OSProduct does not depend on operating system to function.
Will not workProduct currently is not supported, may be pending qualification, or has been discontinued.

Product Code20082011Product Name
3CP3453, USR3453B, USR3453C In-Built In-Built Courier™ 56K* V.92 Business Modem
USR5686D, USR5686E, USR325686E, USR5686F, USR5686G In-Built In-Built 56K* V.92 External Modem + Fax
USR5638 In-BuiltDownload In-BuiltDownload 56K PCI Express Faxmodem
USR5637 Download Download 56K USB Faxmodem
USR5610B and USR5610C In-Built In-Built 56K Performance Pro Modem
USR5670 In-Built In-Built 56K PCI Faxmodem
USR263092-OEM, USR263093-OEM In-BuiltDownload In-BuiltDownload 56K OEM PCI Software Faxmodem
USR2980-OEM, USR802981-OEM Download Download PCI Internal Low Profile Modem
USR802972B and USR2973A-OEM In-Built In-Built 56K OEM Controller PCI Faxmodem