Finding your USR Model Number

fcc-example.gifMany products have both USR Model (Product) Numbers or Codes and FCC Model Numbers. Most current products have matching FCC Model Numbers and USR Model Numbers, but many older products do not. Follow the steps below to identify your product and possibly match your FCC Model Number to your USR Model Number.

  1. Find your FCC Model Number from the box list below.
  2. Determine which USR Product Code is your actual product. Our Support 101 may help you determine which Product Code is yours.
  3. Get Support for your product. At the Support Main Menu page, select your correct product code or, if you have an OEM product, go to the OEM drivers page.

Note: If you need to call for support, you will need your four-digit USR Model Number. The FCC Model Number will not work. For more information, refer to the Support 101 page to determine your model number.