USR8700 Serial ATA 4-Drive NAS
USR8700, 64-008700-00

Manuals and other Documents

OS Compatibility

Product is operating system Independent and is compatible with all current Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems

Firmware Version 1.2-B632
Download the .pkg file to a temporary folder on your computer. From the Advanced page on the USR8700, select the Firmware option and select the file from the browse window. The firmware update will take approximately 2 minutes to complete. Please do not power off the USR8700 while the firmware update is in progress.
fs-usr-1.2-b632.pkg 25.7 MB 04-11-2007
Console Installation - Version 1.0 build 116
This Management utility locates and launches the configuration pages for the USR8700.
SSCv10b116.exe 992 KB 04-24-2007
GPL Source Code
The GPL Source Code contained in this product is available as a free download from the GPL Code Central
Firmware Archive
Original Firmware Version 1.0-B133
fs-usr-1.0-b133.pkg 22.9 MB 06-05-2006
Disk Safe Express Licenses

The DiskSafe Express program bundled with the USR8700 is used to create an image of a PC's hard drive. This image is stored on the USR8700 and may be used to restore the PC's drive in case of emergencies.

The license key included with the USR8700 allows the backup of one PC. To backup other computers, you may purchase additional licenses.

Purchase License
Hard drive Compatibility Information
Western Digital WDxxxxYS Units of this hard drive model running older versions of firmware are known to have functionality issues within RAID arrays causing random drive failure and data loss. Western Digital has released a firmware upgrade which fixes this issue, please refer to the following page for further information and to download the upgrade:
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Warranty: 2 Year


  • How do I Access the Web Interface
  • Which is Drive 1?
  • What do the USB ports do?
  • Printer Setup (Local Network)
  • Printer Setup (IP based)
  • Additional Support

    If the support information in this section does not help you solve your issue, you can contact a USR Help Desk Technician directly.