V.92* Technology

The power of V.92

Does your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offer V.92? Whether or not your ISP currently supports the new V.92 technology, you can take advantage of ICN (Internet Call Notification)! ICN allows you to see who's attempting to call while you're spending time online. Since V.92 is backward compatible to older technologies, you'll be ready to enjoy the benefits of V.92 if and when your ISP offers it.

What kind of improvements does V.92 offer?

V.92 offers exciting features and improvements over the old V.90 standard. These features may not be available with all ISPs. 

Modem on Hold
Modem on Hold "suspends" your online session for incoming calls and returns to your online activities after your conversations without redialing. Please note that Call Waiting service from your telephone company is required.

Quick Connect
Quick Connect "remembers" line conditions from the previous session, bypasses portions of the training sequence, and gets you online faster. Reduce your dial-up connection time as much as 50%!

This enhancement makes the online experience faster and better for those who send information instead of just Web surfing. If you're a gamer, you'll be able to send your commands at greater speed than your opponents who have outdated modems! V.PCM Upstream reaches upstream speeds up to 48 Kbps and lets you choose either the fastest downstream speed (up to 53 Kbps) or a "balanced" connection of downstream and upstream communication.

If you are looking for the previously offered V.92 Upgrade please contact USR Support to see if the upgrade may still be available for your product.

*The V.92 enhancements may not be available with all ISPs. Contact your ISP to find out if they will be be offering V.92 technology. USR modems featuring V.92 are backward compatible and will negotiate the highest possible speed when connecting to an ISP. 
**Call Waiting service from your phone company is required for using Internet Call Notification. Caller ID service from your phone company is required for using the Caller ID feature of Internet Call Notification.